Nooks and Crannies: Photographing the Tunnels of the Main Conservatory

Photographers are, by nature, curious folks. Interested in the workings of things, eager to see what others don't see, photographers crave access to places not generally available to others. In this course you will have 3 hours to visit the tunnels that run under the Main Conservatory, providing power, water, and climate control for the gardens above. In order to ensure that you fully understand what you are seeing, two members of the Longwood team whose daily routine is focused on keeping things running smoothly, will give you a history of the tunnels and explain the day-to-day function of the complex system. The rest of the time will be spent photographing the fascinating world that lies below the Conservatory, ending with a critique of images collected from the group.   

Please enter through the Business Entrance at 409 Conservatory Road.
Participants must bring their own digital photographic equipment and are encouraged to bring a laptop computer and a flash drive to download images for the critique. Participants should have a working knowledge of their camera. Some activities are not applicable to point and shoot cameras. A tripod is optional, but highly recommended.

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